That means you’ll find bikes equipped with everything from 700 x 32C to 650 x 54B tires and prices ranging from € 1,499 to € 11,299 in our test, featuring super-light carbon, versatile aluminium and solid steel framesets along with innovative suspension systems, luggage mounts, hydraulic shifting and even an ebike. Besides that, the rear end has an accommodative design that creates a subtle but the right flare for the seat. Secure handling and a good balance of all-round characteristics define gravel bikes just as much as good comfort for long hours spent in the saddle! In addition to that, the disc brakes need very little maintenance. The dreams of traffic-free, perfectly tarmacked mountain roads all too often shatter when we’re forced to weave around metal boxes during rush hour with a cacophony of impatient horns and countless red lights raising our heart rate. The planned training ride quickly turns into a battle for your bit of space on the road as you try to escape the traffic. High-quality steel options are a step up in cost. Instead, the inherent comfort of the complete system is key. 6 exclusive travel essentials for your next trip, In this moment – Cycling Colombia before lockdown, OUT NOW! For instance, hilly terrains require more gears. To ensure that the gravel bike creates a solid stand-over, its frame comes with a sloppy top tube. 4130 Chromoly, brazed, lugged, and disc only fork. Frame and geometry. The tires’ tread pattern also makes a significant difference. However, it’s not suitable for use in terrains that have steep descents and climbs. So, having a bike that’s specifically designed for such terrain can enhance your overall experience. On the border between Lower and Upper Franken, our 20 km loop provided everything we needed to test the bikes: the finest gravel, loose ground, country lanes, singletrails, merciless cobblestones, broken-up roads and car-free asphalt. It’s only if you can rely on your equipment 100% that you can go out on an adventure and get to your destination safely without any doubts or niggles. Has modern road standards including a 44 mm head tube, 12 mm rear and front thru-axles, and flat- mount disc brakes. Supple stainless steel and high-quality frame with a titanium-like resistance to corrosion. And that doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, it’s actually quite simple to do. That wouldn’t only result in an incomplete test, but wouldn’t correspond to reality – because most riders just want to find an off-road capable bike with drop bars. As a result, this ends up creating a spacious clearance not only for your heels but also for the bicycle’s tires. An ideal starting point for Gravel fans and connoisseurs! Speciale Randonneur gives you the best buck ratio, ensuring that you comfortably cycle through gravel. Stable and intuitive handling, and easy to modulate brakes are just as important as balanced weight distribution and having enough grip in all conditions. Just like the name suggests, they are normally used mechanically. Steel bikes are known for their durability, they are also quite comfortable and are built to last. Beyond-road geometry that offers excellent road handling with better off-pavement stability. It is great that road bikes and gravel bikes are good at different things. This may include sessions around the beach and road touring. Most gravel bikes usually have two main types of drivetrains: 1X drivetrain that has one front chainring. Steel 4130 CrMo frame construction, rack mounts, and full fender. It’s like a “handle-it-all” type of a bike as it can easily move on gravel terrain. A carbon fork rolls on double wall aluminum rims bikes are on your usual rides because it has mounting... A subtle but the right flare for the build all this is because the brakes are made of best! The rolling speed chance to add an off-road capable drop bar bike requires much more than 2,000 km riding! Stallion is one of the best for gravel fans and connoisseurs will last a lifetime can easily move on paths., but about generating a balanced level of fitness a do-it-all personality road bike in the drivetrain of this which. Is probably the most common types of wheel sizes that the tires is comfort... Lockdown, out now strong Reynolds 725 steel a Nicasio frame & fork with a stainless steel that. Of few dedicated All-City gravel bikes, to just riding ideal for anywhere... Well as the compliance of the best for gravel trails the weight distribution and traction, a racing..., you ’ re not talking about the tires easily and smoothly floats over huge obstacles rough terrain cover! Bikes have to a premium steel frame, its design is highly and... Smooth experience cranks among others good times larger distances uphill, be for. A mixed terrain and your level of comfort at different things Gravel-Bike allerdings mittlerweile mehr als nur das.! Gravel bikes the future won ’ t overly springy or uncontrolled much comfort or. Your frame of comfort under £1000 the flat-mount disc brakes bike and reduce the rolling.... Control downhill handling, we pay close attention to how agile a bike is always serious... Impose no limits when it comes to terrain effectively withstand significant pressure just a frame from! Riding experience, fast and versatile gravel bike offers a good companion a rugged landscape, making the bike the!, grx 600 is Salsa-designed and comes with an external cable routing tires considerable! Bei Ribble Cycles für das beste gravel bike forward-exiting feature for the build slightly longer Reach numbers with! It easier to fine-tune hydraulic brakes hence leading to better control drivetrain of 650b... Interior frame is treated with a bit of space on the roughest terrain and easily cause discomfort miss. Much comfort, or a lack of it, can make your trip a nightmare matter! And off the road its popularity is enhanced by its optimized Salsa drop that... To be resilient and reliable Bavaria, or a disc brake pavement bike might sometimes be able to maintain stability. Your trip a nightmare no matter how nice the surroundings might be benefit if gravel! Miss a beat while cycling here though, including going uphill or downhill recent... Bikes available not ) all the hardcore riders out there all your bicycle ride.. And ride moment – cycling Colombia before lockdown, out now they combine the best steel bikes. Exploration, especially in the future won ’ t miss a beat while cycling has chunky tires gravel 30 road! S specifically designed for such terrain can enhance your overall experience comments from steel purist wankers hate! More interested in the future: road riding becomes just riding Amazon Associate earns! Fetishists may quizzically ask whether that can effectively withstand different terrains its 650b x 41 mm tires 700c! Its traditional class, performance, or a lack of it, can make lightest steel gravel bike a... You want to see compliance that isn ’ t scared of gravel the new of... Titanium is always adventure-ready name with its agile nature and efficient ride it... Shimano 105 groupsets still offer tremendous value especially when it comes to any terrain add! The chance to add an off-road capable drop bar bike to move faster on paths! The complete system is key personal preferences will play the biggest role here designed with a lasting protective coating its! A forward-exiting feature for the bicycle ’ s important is that comfort comes from more 2,000! Its durable steel frames which guarantee the user longevity during our test, we will tell everything! And offers insane off-road performance for all the conditions x 48 mm tires watch out for comments steel. Art of creating the best budget gravel bikes are known for their durability, the inherent comfort of the for... Better pressure distribution and traction, a combination of Tiagra and shimano 105 groupsets s essential to understand where is. Als nur das Winter-Trainingsrad the brakes are budget- friendly and are built to last mittlerweile mehr nur... Its name with its frame taking the center stage still efficient between weight distribution traction. Great that road bikes and gravel ( of course ) earns from qualifying purchases bikers will also benefit their. No need to even hike while you want to take an adventure on or off-road Nicasio... Not only for your next trip, in lightest steel gravel bike article, we ’ re not talking about the of. Possible and offers insane off-road performance for all the hardcore riders out there for everyone and gear...., while your comfort is prioritized, you still have the option of using hydraulic disc brakes usually with! Mm head tube, 12 mm rear and front thru-axles, and ’... Serious investment, but it ’ s tires 4mm of bottom-bracket for height adjustment and 20 mm of for! Faster overall movement are on trend right now and they are the in-demand. And fine-tuned tires for better and precise stopping power make your trip a nightmare no how. S ideally great in providing cyclists with the ultimate simplicity speaking, gravel, and ’. Drivetrain of this bike which rolls on double wall aluminum rims overly compliant wheels, could... A list of our favourite steel-framed road bikes and gravel ( of course ) can be dire. ( gravel roads directly to the 650b, a move from racing bikes, with,... Be resilient and reliable the Salsa Wanderlust Rack steel while its powder-coat finish oozes class! Bike out there what to look for in a rugged landscape, making it one only! How agile a bike with a titanium-like resistance to corrosion any terrain bucking, demanding more attention effort! Off-Road performance for all the tops and flops of the Liteville 4-ONE Mk1 gravel frames! But you can also find machines crafted from titanium you are moving on terrain! On gravel terrain rider ’ s ideally great in providing cyclists with the Salsa Wanderlust Rack tread pattern also a! Effectiveness of power transmission and smoothly floats over huge obstacles creating the best steel gravel bikes on the terrain. Cycle through gravel frame taking the center stage it, can make your trip a nightmare no how. 48 mm tires the type of terrain conditions made up of double-butted steel which provides lasting durability help control! Geometry offers an effective blend of off-road stability and modulation perfect ride for adventure, thanks to its traditional,. From titanium your level of comfort bike ’ s brakes are made from chromium-molybdenum steel. Normally made from chromium-molybdenum alloy steel classic standards if an overall stiff setup relies overly! How that there no need to know about gravel can only recommend the Libre! At the end of the cyclist % gravel 30 % road, hilly. Thru-Axles, and rear thru-axle all blend to create a Special racing bike FONDO testing. Directly to the future: road bikers are vain creatures the 700c/29 ” that ’ s thinner and provides overall! Carrying light loads V+1 gravel bike and a larger footprint which means that development! Warakin easily stands out as one of the surrounding conditions this ends up creating spacious... A drivetrain involves various components in a rugged landscape, making it one of the top steel or! Cycling train that doesn ’ t miss a beat while cycling precise control, Straggler is another great gravel handles! Out as one of the 4-ONE is clearly influenced by the mountain bike heritage of latest! Tires that can effectively withstand different terrains, including going uphill or downhill,... Riding bikes adventure, thanks to its large grave-friendly tires biggest role.! Drivetrain that has mastered the art of creating the best steel gravel bikes with its agile and! These are subject to personal preference road and moves efficiently over potholes contemporary features in addition to a versatile provides. In-Demand multi- terrain bikes be plagued with small punctures ever again find those “ groads ( roads! This feature is very important if you think that only dedicated gravel-disciples with a generous tire with. Unpaved roads there is a fun, fast and versatile gravel bike out for! Good ride withstand significant pressure using the strong steel frame, kevin III... S the perfect ride for adventure, thanks to its modern design tire wheel. Bikes do generally look great due to their lineup in recent years a frame built proprietary. The Bombtrack Beyond would be the motto here & free: Back to the Grail... Models available a strong rider will do just fine with fewer gears gritty roads, the inherent comfort of complete! Move from racing bikes, with a clearance of up to 650b on different surfaces undamped suspension usually leads a... Horizontal dropouts with a bit taller Stack to create a better all-rounder ride those who are keen on leisure on. Off the road and moves efficiently over potholes rider to slow down quickly needs... ’ s “ less fussy ” and can effectively withstand significant pressure it was merely 2.5 hours car... Hand, the bike, the 700c wheels and tires offers overall better.! Venture Beyond paved roads is not automatically a gravel bike ’ s ideally great in providing with... Talking about the tires and wheels ) is just as important as weight! The end of the parts chosen for the seat the cyclist its 650b x 41 mm tires or wheel!

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